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~ Embroidery ~

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Important notices . . . Because our range from all suppliers is very extensive, colour matching is best done by either visiting our shop or sending in samples of your requirements.

                                 . . . .  Some of our threads are in very short supply because they are the end of a range and we cannot guarantee an ongoing supply.

Ordering . . . By e-mail, or telephone us on 04-902-9908. Better still, drop in and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our bricks and mortar shop on the Main Road in Waikanae. We'd love to see you.

Embroidery threads


Anchor Stranded $1.40 Anchor Stranded Variegated  $1.70
Anchor Tapestry $2.00 Anchor Perle 5 $3.20
Anchor Perle 5 Variegated $5.20 Anchor Perle 8 $4.60;Variegated $7.20
Anchor Lame $5.60 Anchor Silk stranded $5.90


DMC Stranded $1.80; variegated $4.50 DMC Stranded Metallic $4.1; Linen Str $3.30
DMC Tapestry wool $2.00 DMC Tapestry cotton No4 soft $2.20
DMC Perle 5 Metallic $7.70 DMC Perle 5 Balls $5.20
DMC Perle 8 $5.20 DMC Perle 5 skeins $3.80
DMC Coton à broder  16, 20, 25, 30,    $2.30   DMC Perle 12 $5.20 a ball
DMC Medici $1.70 DMC Filament 278  $9.20
DMC Polyester Black Lamé  271 $6.70             DMC Polyester 282, 283, 284  $5.90
DMC Lame Polyester  275 colours $4.60          DMC Dark Gold Lamé: $5.90
MC Heavy metal Silver 277 $6.70  
Bablo Crochet cotton 10/20/30 $9.40 50g ball



New! King Tut.


A great new variegated quilting thread, 500metres per reel with 50 colour combinations to choose from.


Priced at $18.40 per reel and available at "Fibre Flair."





















Needle Necessities

Needle Necessities variegated cotton
in Stranded, Pearl 5, Pearl 8 thicknesses all $9.10


Kreinick metallic thread from $5.10/reel; some cheaper


Madeira Lana No.12, a finely spun wool embroidery thread in 80 colours and variegated is available now at $13.30 for 200m reels. We suggest using Schmetz machine needle 9542 size 100. As an under-thread, use either Madeira Bobbinfil no 70 or Madeira pre-wound bobbins.

Mettler Polysheen - a Trilobal Polyester in 243 colours at $6.00 for 200m reels. Its main advantage over rayon/viscose threads is its strength and durability. It has very good sheen like a rayon thread but has 50% higher textile strength. Its increased stitch consistency ensures an exceptionally long life.

Madeira silk 4 stranded $5.10 Madeira Carot 2mm $5.20
Madeira Decora stranded Rayon $3.20 Madeira Carot 4mm $8.70
Madeira Metallic 5 $9.20 Madeira Metallic 12 $7.40
Madeira Décor $10.20 Madeira Glamour $11.10
Madeira Metallic 40 200m $12.80 1000m $29.60
Madeira Poly Neon astro 40 1000m        $12.30
Madeira Jewel $9.70 Madeira Rayon 40  200m $9.10
Madeira Rayon 40  1000m  $15.70 Madeira Rayon 30  150m $7.50
Madeira Monofil 500m $9.10;                    Madeira monofil1500m $15.40


Mettler Machine  Embroidery 200m 30/2 $4.60

Mettler Machine  Embroidery 200m 60/2 $5.10


Raiman Rayon 1000m $5.90 Raiman Rayon Variegated 1000m $6.60

Raiman Rayon Metallic 1000m $9.70


Halo Variegated  550yd $29.10


Gutermann silk reels 100m $7.90

Madeira FS

FS 2/2 Supertwist Variegated 20gms $24.00

Machine embroidery - 100% polyester 200m metallic effect yarn

Heirloom Sewing and lace making



Shade cards available  - Price: $2.50 plud postage. Click on the photo for an enlarged image. Important: Please don't order off these Web images because we cannot guarantee colour matching. Also, our range from all suppliers is extensive and colour matching is best done by either visiting our shop or sending in a sample or samples of your requirements

Linen Lace Yarn Bleached, ½ bleached, unbleached (470), all available in: 120/12, 90/2, 80/2, 60/3, 50/2, 50/3, 40/2, 40/3, 35/2, 35/3, 20/3 (¼ bleached)
Dyed: 35/2, 60/2


Cotona 100% cotton Smaller sized reel of Tanne cotton in white, cream and colours, 30 $9.80


Balger Blending Filament (Kreinick)   Prices start at: $5.10
DMC Machine embroidery:100% cotton. White, ecru, 50, 30 $9.20

Overlock thread

Polyester Overlock thread 1,000m $2.00, Drima 5,000m $8.20
available in black, white ecru and colours

Magazines: annual subscription, including p&p within NZ

"World of Embroidery" (UK)
6 annually - $138.00,  $24.50 per copy plus p&p


"Stitch" (Embroidery Guild UK)  6 p.a  $122.40 


              "Cross Stitch & Beading" 4 p.a. $68.00


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