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"Our special site for the quilt, weaving, embroidery, patchwork, knitting, spinning, bead-working, dyeing,lace and sewing - for anyone who loves working with beautiful yarns and fabrics." - June Pritchett,

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"Many thanks for the great products that arrived last week. One was for my friend for Christmas and she arrived down for a visit the day after     it arrived. We were both thrilled with   the excellent way the items were packaged and presented - many thanks to whoever goes to the effort    of such details -  greatly appreciated.  I am quite a poppy fan and look forward to doing the wall hanging."

Wendy Driver (Queensland, Australia)

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 Creative Vision by Pfaff



The ultimate sewing experience, 'creative vision' adds to the usual wonderful Pfaff features - dual feed technology and top of the line touch screen technology, - a bigger viewing screen, marvellous lighting of the work area, a much bigger work area for handling quilts and a superb, large embroidery hoop for those grand designs and more ambitious projects.  You can ring 04 902 9908 and ask for a demonstration with Sheryl. For much more website information, click this link.


Embroiderer's specials: Madeira Lana wool thread in 80 colours for machine embroidery, plus variegateds . . . (more)


"King Tut" -  a wonderful collection of 50 variegated  embroidery and patchwork, 100% cottons, 500 metres per reel.   Click to see more


Appliqué wall hangings & quilts

    Daisy Dayz


Remember the lazy, hazy days of summer? This gentle quilt is designed for the intermediate level quiltmaker.  It is simply pieced with appliqué daisies and is available as  a kit or a pattern.

It is approximately 162 cm x 192 cm.


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Maizey Daisies

- an elegant, sunny floral essay in shades of spring and summer, this big quilt is a warm and happy experience that is a joy to come back to time and again.

An Adrienne Walker creation, the quilt measures 70" by 70" and is available as seven blocks of the month.

Blocks 1-2 are $NZ82 each and 3-7 are $NZ39 each, a total of $NZ359.00. For intermediate to advanced quilters.

Click here to order.


Summer Romance

- an exquisite floral experience with flowers, curved piecing and appliqué, this is another Adrienne Walker original © 2008.

The finished quilt is approximately 72" x 84".  This quilt was made by widely known quilter, Hazel Collinson.

It is available as a single kit without background or you can purchase the pattern. To order follow this link:

 Click here for more information


Kidz Cloth Book







Cloth Book Some of the appealing images  from a most  imaginative creation.  A really charming project, this book is 9 inches square, and includes the pattern and all materials.The cost is $39.50. Click to order                 



Poinsettia Table Runner/ Wall     Hanging


an original design by Adrienne Walker © 2008,  sample made by Stephanie Driver.

Runner:   36" x 12" or 48" x 12

Wall Hanging:   42" x 12"

The kit contains fabric for either  the runner or the wall hanging.


Poinsettia Kit $51

Click here to order


Pattern Only $20.50

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 **Farmyard Flair**

This delightful quilt is 48" by 46" and the kit contains the pattern and all materials.

The Block of the month is $NZ 25.60 per month for 7 months, a total of $179.00.

A truly appealing addition to any child's bedroom, it  is a quilt to bring out the child in all of us.

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                             Festive Garland

59 v 84 cm, this charming wall hanging combines tradition with  elegance, balance  and originality.. For more details, see our Block of the Month page or follow  the link. As   you will see it is  available in golds and creams (76x104 cms.)  Adrienne Walker ©2007  The pattern covers both colourways or you can choose your own colourway      

Click here for more information and to order




"Greeting with Ornaments"

Size: 20" x 12.5" Sample made from Castillejo Cotton Pattern CPO4405. Kits and patterns  from Fibre Flair. Pattern CPO4405 - $16.40

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(No larger image available)




Batik Butterflies

Size: 15" x 35" Sample made from   Castillejo Cotton Pattern CPO3840  $16.40

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(No larger image available)




Hanging  the Lights!

 29"x16" Sample made from a Castillejo Cotton Pattern. Kits and patterns available from Fibre Flair.

Pattern $16.40  CPO4414





- Another of Adrienne's new young friends!

 "Cool Kate with Cat"

Kate is Adrienne Walker's fourth in this series and is a stylish creation with our Kate making a statement.©2006  See her friends, too on our Block of the month page!

"Cool Kate with Cat" (Go to Order Page)

More  Quilts from Adrienne.....


Christmas   Baubles                   A Window on Christmas             


This quilt measures 22" x31" The sample was made by Hazel Collinson.


 "Christmas Baubles (Go to Order Page)




"A Window on Christmas" (Go to Order page)




       Tiger Lily 


"Tiger" is number five in the family of cat and flower creations by Adrienne Walker: "Tiger Lily" ©2005

("Tiger Lily" Go to Order Page)


"Pansy Puss" is the fourth in Adrienne Walker's fascinating series of cat designs for intermediate to advanced appliqué sewers. It  measures 23" by 33." © 2004.

"Pansy Puss"©2004

"Pansy Puss (Order Page)

"Lavender Queen"©2004

"Lavender Queen" (Order

More Adrienne Walker Quilts!

"Tuscan Sunset" and "Tuscan Misty Dawn" both 78" x 105", are two gorgeous colour ways available as Blocks of the Month. © 2004. "Liquorice and Toffee"  is a stunning study in autumn colours.
72" x 72". © 2004




"Tuscan Sunset" (78"x105")

Click here to order "Tuscan Sunset"


"Liquorice and Toffee"

72" x 72"

Click here to order "Liquorice and Toffee."

Adrienne Walker and her popular "Poppy Cat"


Adrienne Walker has a background of talent that enables her to produce outstanding designs like 'Daisy Dayz' and stunning window displays. An enthusiastic embroiderer from childhood, Adrienne worked as a vision mixer for Television New Zealand for 30 years.

More quilts in "Block of the Month"

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