"Our special site for quilters, weavers, embroiderers,  patchworkers, knitters, , spinners, dyers, beadworkers, lacemakers, sewers and anyone who loves working with beautiful yarns and fabrics."
- June Pritchett, Proprietor



~ flair with fibre ~


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About Us…….

Hi, I'm June Pritchett, one of the five friendly people you will find if you visit our bustling shop on the main road in Waikanae, New Zealand.

All of us are in love with many different aspects of craft involving fibre. We enjoy meeting and working with the thousands of people who take the time to come and see us.

I started my working career as a teacher.   I had always been interested in embroidery, and in 1967 I took lessons in spinning and found myself hooked on craftwork. My Pipy spinning wheel will be 43 years old next July 10. It was my first purchase on Decimal Currency Day!

After 19 years living in Christchurch, we returned to the North Island. Spinning groups were very active at that time, so I extended myself in spinning techniques and began weaving.. I enjoyed tapestry weaving, but time became very limited when I accepted Pat Mills' invitation to join her in partnership in the business "Creative Woolcraft Supplies" that had evolved out of a business, "Creative Display," started by Jack Clarke, a weaver, in 1975.

When Pat retired, I decided to continue the business. Many of my customers were embroiderers who asked if I could stock embroidery threads and save them trips into Wellington! I changed the name of the shop to "Fibre Flair" to reflect the variety of yarns and fibres carried.

Six months later, the chance came to move into a larger site on the Main Road. Then we began to stock a much bigger range of embroidery supplies and patchwork fabrics. Patchwork and quilting really complement the agency we have for Pfaff Sewing Machines, with their wonderful dual feed mechanism that makes quilting such an easy and trouble-free experience.

The business has been wonderfully resourced over many years by salespeople who have all been skilled and helpful craftspeople themselves. They have never stinted their time in giving our customers the undivided attention and assistance they often require when making important decisions with fibres and fabrics.

Adrienne Walker has a background of talent that enables her to produce outstanding designs like our current 'Blocks of the Month', She was a senior vision mixer for TVNZ for 30 years; has three diplomas in music, including a prestigious Fellowship of Trinity College, London, and has been an enthusiastic embroiderer since she was a child.

Sheryl Meech specialises in patchwork and has been doing it since 1985. She had always been a sewer and finding herself with more spare time as her children got older, she entered the fascinating world of patchwork.

She loves the fabric, the colours, 'and the fact that you can get six ladies doing the same pattern and they will all choose different fabrics and colours and they will all produce something fascinating in its difference.'

Her other interest is gardening, which probably has the advantage of introducing colour and variety into her patchwork thinking at different times of the year. You could say, however, that it isn't a patch on her main interest.

Sheryl, like others on the staff, has won several awards for her talented work, including 'Best of Category' and 'Best of Show' in the big 'Rose City Quilters' event celebrating their 21st birthday, at Palmerston North in 2002. At the 2003 National Quilt Symposium in Christchurch she won 'Traditional with a Twist' and took second prize for 'Best use of Quilting'.

Sewing and embroidery classes are popular at Fibre Flair and Sheryl, who is a trained Pfaff demonstrator, says these are a sure way to quickly gain essential knowledge in this fascinating craft.

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