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Scroll down for popular models in the impressive
Pfaff sewing machine range

Trained Pfaff demonstrator, Sheryl Meech, in action at our Pfaff demonstration area. Patchwork classes are popular at Fibre Flair and are a sure way to quickly gain essential knowledge in this fascinating craft. Click here for details of our lively and sociable Pfaff Club ― open to you no matter what machine you use or here to see the remarkable features of Pfaff


creative vision, the ultimate embroidery machine

This is the wonderful new Pfaff Creative Vision machine with the big Grand Dream embroidery hoop in place. This shows how versatile this machine is and what a range of possibilities there are. Of course, a range of smaller hoops  comes with the machine, but this one is for the embroiderer who wants to tackle big projects, perhaps using one of the many computerised designs that Pfaff offers.

A bigger touch screen and lighting from two sources makes this machine a beautifully easy machine to use.




Creative Vision has a marvellous work area for quilt makers too:

  *  heaps of working space to manage your quilt, or large embroideries (up to 360mm x 350mm)

   *  brilliantly lit working area with LED lights and High Definition screen

   *  famous patented dual feed technology that has made Pfaff a household name for      quilters all around the world.

   *  Over 500 stitches, including 9mm high quality stitches.


These are just some of the outstanding features you can explore at www.pfaff.com or by contacting us at 04 902 9908





 Creative 4.0 with embroidery unit 

The Creative 4 computer-controlled embroidery sewing machine is unbelievable.


Think of it! Over 200 decorative stitch programs at your command plus dozens of features that give your sewing a truly professional touch.


With the Creative Fantasy Embroidery Unit linked with your computer, you can create your own designs and stitch them out. 


There are four models in the Creative Series range, all with the embroidery unit to suit a wide range of needs.


Ring Sheryl to arrange a demonstration on 04 902 9908


 Creative 2.0 with embroidery unit


This is the perfect embroidery and sewing machine combination, but as you can see it  handles big quilts with ease.


Embroidery designs up to 225mm x 140mm in size, and 52 built-in stitches including buttonholes!


This machine can be connected to your computer to create your own designs with the creative software suite.                        




  Creative 2170

   This machine will sew to perfection and also create amazing unique embroideries.  There is a creative card with designs and alphabets, a CD Rom with 50 additonal designs, built-in embroidery designs, an additional embroidery alphabet, 3 embroidery hoops in various sizes and more. You can create embroideries of unlimited size and use the optional 3D embroidery software to create your own designs.


Only Pfaff has the original IDTTM built into its machines for perfect fabric feed from both top and bottom. There is a multi-colour high resolution touch screen for perfect vision and control.


There are amazing programmes for sewers - "Tie-off program" "Needle Up/Down program" "Single Pattern program" "Free-motion program" "Patchwork program" "Twin Needle program" "Tapering program" Button-sewing program" and more.






 There are 3 machines in the Expression range. They offer fascinating 9mm stitches, dual lights for shadowless sewing, tapering on all 9mm stitches, a big, big space, 10",  to the right of the needle,  37 different needle positions for straight stitch, and beautiful free-motion sewing.

  Expression 4.0 has automatic snipping of top and bottom threads, automatic presser foot lift and electronic thread tension. (The best tension is set electronically for different stitches and techniques.)

 Two other models in the range may suit your needs. Ring 04 902 9908 and ask for  Sheryl to see which machine in the range best meets your requirements.

   Top quality sewing at affordable prices.


Pfaff  Select Line 3 & 4 Sewing Machines  Select from a wide range of stitches (up to 40) plus decorative stitches available on the select Fancy Stitch Foot included. There's also a Darning Foot and a Rolled Hem Foot.  And you can sew professional buttonholes in any length, sew several layers at the same time and choose from many different needle positions - ideal for sewing zips, for example.

Threading is a breeze with the integrated needle threader. Many accessories are included such as a Blindhem foot and and the Buttonhole Foot.  And you have the advantage of the absolutely even fabric feed from both top and bottom with  Pfaff IDTTM   to see that feed dogs are perfectly in sync


Pfaff Hobbyline

 Not only Pfaff performance but many, many important features; 22 utility stitches, variable stitch length and stitch width adjustment up to 5mm . . .

Extra features, more possibilities!                            Besides having all the great features of the hobby 1132, the hobby 1142 gives you even more possibilities! Included in the 23-stitch package is a selection of decorative stitches for beautiful finishing touches and decorative effects.

Try the one-step buttonhole! Sewing buttonholes has never been easier! The integrated needle threader is unbelievably practical. No more searching for the needle's eye - just let the needle threader do the work and start sewing! More features, more accessories, and more creative possibilities - that's the hobby 1142 from Pfaff!

 At Fibre Flair, we can obtain for you the full range of Pfaff's wonderful machines, including the Grand Quilter, Pfaff Overlockers (pictured below) and a huge range of accessories and embroidery programmes. And of course, we have the ability to help you choose which of this big range will meet your individual sewing needs.

Pfaff's coverlock 4874 has everything!
Thread tensions, stitch lengths, and differential feed are automatically at the optimal setting and can be individually adjusted if needed. And, of course, your individual settings can be saved! You'll also discover easy threading, and absolutely even seams - thanks to the differential feed. There is also a generous work area, high presser foot lift, extensive accessories, and a tension release button for the needle threads, so the fabric can easily be removed from under the presser  foot.

All controls are in easy reach on the outside of the machine. But that's not all…

For more information about this or other of the overlockers in the range, contact us at Fibre Flair.




BABY LOCK Imaginé Overlocker


Imagine a sewing world with no tension. Welcome to the world of Baby Lock. The Imagine is the first of a range of Baby Lock overlockers produced which have eliminated tension adjustments by the development of the Automatic Thread Delivery unit (ATD). It is by far the easiest overlocker on the market to thread with its self threading loopers and needle threaders; in fact the Imagine can be threaded in under a minute in any sequence! These features are just some of the many patented features exclusive to Baby Lock worldwide. The Imagine can be used as a 4 thread, 3 thread or 2 thread machine. This machine is designed to save time the less time spent setting up the overlocker, the more time sewing.  Also available is the Baby Lock Eclipse. Enquiries to the shop for more information.

More details


Magazines for Sewers!



"Threads" $18.00 a copy,  6 annually, this well-known magazine is a great resource for  sewers. The annual subscription is $117.00 posted in NZ.


"Australian Stitches" $8.95 a copy.

 This magazine is a very valuable resource for the home sewer and dressmaker.

Join up now for our Sewing  Club: "Pfaff Club"

Held: 2nd Wednesday of every month,at the shop, starting 7.30pm.

This lively club night is a get-together of not only Pfaff machine owners but  owners of any other sewing machine. There are always interesting techniques and projects to offer. It's fun to see what others are doing, what's new, and to chat with like-minded people over a cuppa. 

The sensational Pfaff, -Creative Vision- is easily capable of producing truly wonderful machine embroidery as well as meeting every need of the discerning quiltmaker, and general sewer.

Club nights are a chance to have a play and see just what is possible in current machine technology -  so easy to use with marvellous new touch-screen controls.

There is also a superb range of quilt machines - the Expression Line- that have all the advantages of a great quilting machine and are excellent general sewing machines as well. Dual lights and a big table for managing quilts make them very versatile.

If you feel those stirrings of sewing passion on reading this, phone Sheryl at Fibre Flair on 04-902-9908 and tell her you want to come to the next Club meeting.


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