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Quality imported yarns for weavers
For card Weavers
Specially for Tapestry Weavers and Knitters
Fibres for Spinners
Equipment for Spinners and Weavers

Important notice . . . Because our range from all suppliers is very extensive, colour matching is best done by either visiting our shop or sending   us samples of your requirements

Ordering . . .Use e-mail contact (information@fibreflair.com), or telephone-64 4 (0)4-902-9908. Better still, drop in and enjoy the

convivial atmosphere of our  bricks and mortar shop on the Main Road in Waikanae. We'd love to see you.

Quality imported Swedish yarns from Holma Helsinglands

*Sample cards available - $3 each plus P&P (NZ $2.00)



Bocken Cotton ubl 8/2 ubl 250g 1,710m


Bocken Cotton bl 8/2 bl 250g 1,625m


Bocken Cotton 8/2 dyed 250g 1,625m
Bocken Cotton ubl 16/2 unbl 250g 3,400m


Bocken Cotton  bl 16/2 bl 250g 3,240m


Bocken Cotton 16/2 dyed 250g 3,240m  
Bocken Cottolin/Nialin 22/2 unbl 250g 1500m


Bocken Cottolin/Nialin 22/2 bl 250g 1,650m


Bocken Cottolin/Nialin 22/2 dyed 250g 1,650m  
Bocken Linen 16/1 unbl 250g 2,515m


Bocken Linen 16/1 ½bl 250g 2,810m


Bocken Linen 16/1 bl 250g 2,810m


Bocekn Linen 16/1 dyed 250g 2,810m  
Bocken Linen 16/2 unbl 250g 1,380m


Bocken Linen 16/2 ½bl 250g 1,380m


Bocken Linen 16/2 bl 250g 1,380m


Bocken Linen 16/2 dyed 250g 1,380m  
Bocken Linen 16/2 dyed 125g    
Bocken Linen 8/1 dyed    


Bocken Linen Tow 8/1 unbl 250g 1,400m


Bocken Linen Tow 8/1 ½bl 250g 1,400m


Bocken LinenTow 8/1 dyed 250g 1,420m
Bocken Linen 28/2unbl 250g 2,000m


Bocken Linen 28/2 ½bl 250g


Bocken Cotton Warp 12/6 500g 1,560m


Bocken Cotton Warp 12/6dyed 500g 1,475m


Bocken Cotton Warp 12/9  500g 600m


Bocken Linen Rug Warp  8/5 500g 


Bocken Linen Lace Yarn 20/3-120/2

For Card Weavers Tablet Cards-      Packs of 20:

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          Silk (Sample cards: 3.00 + p&p)

Silk8/2 dyed black 8/2 100g    
Silk 8/2 dyed 8/2 100g    
Silk12/2 12/2 100g 6,538m  
Silk20/2D 20/2 dyed 100g   N/A
Silk20/2 20/2 100g 10,058m  
Silk30/2 30/2 100g 15,087m  
Silk#33 #33 bourette 100g    
Silk60/2 60/2 100g 3,017m  
Silk#34 #34 bourette 100g    
SilkEC5S EC5 single 100g 6,940m  
SilkEC7S EC7 single 100g 10,560m  
Silk8/2M 8/2 dyed minis      
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Specially for Tapestry Weavers and Knitters
– a unique pure wool quality New Zealand fibre

"Kairanga" 100% wool 8 ply - natural shades   200g     
"Tuatara" 100% 2 ply wool - colours $8.50


"Tuatara" 100% 2 ply wool colours $17.00


"Tuatara" 100% 2 ply wool natural  


Other yarns on request      
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Fibres for Spinners
Fleece, dyed fleece, fleece for Felters, alpaca, silk, cotton, possum mix

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Equipment for Spinners and Weavers
Ashford   &  Majacraft  wheels, looms and associated equipment  

Accessories: felting needles, locker hooks, hairpin crochet frames, needles, tassel-making forms, beads, braids     and buttons etc., etc.

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 Magazines Subscriptions (see Magazine page for per copy prices.)                                    

"Spin-off" quarterly   $98.00



"Knits" quarterly  $79.60


"Handwoven" (5 p.a)  -  $107.50


           "Knitters" (4 p.a.)  $79.60           


     "Creative Knitting "Aus; 4 p.a $57.00   



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